Shake down sail

shake down sail_271 Week III_294As long as you enjoy the challenges of learning about all your boat’s systems – from piping, electrics, pluming, bilge, gas or watermaker to name but a few – there is no negatives in the process of moving aboard. I guess it’s similar with your own body and yoga and having the patience to learn, practice, surrender and improve bit by bit, one step at a time.
We took our time – two weeks – until we felt comfortable (and organized!) enough to let go of our mooring in the protected bay of Kilada, a traditional fishing village which supposedly dates back millennia! When we felt ripe for our shake-down cruise to Porto Heli, about 15 nm to the east of the Argolic Gulf, a gentle 10 kts breeze pushed Happy Dancer along, exceeding all our expectations of her sailing comfort and ease. With the genoa and the main set right, the boat steered itself for most of the way, with no windvane, nor autopilot. Noah (3 yrs old): “Happy Dancer is happy to move!” Where does he get it from? Indeed she was, and so were we.

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