Ermioni and Living with less

Noah gDay_299Another fantastic sail of about five hours (kids slept half of it enjoying the rocking motion) and an average 5 kts got us to Ermioni: protected, cute, a little touristic on the northern side, more authentic on the Southern side, good anchorage and typical Mediteranean style mooring available.
As chaos has subsided and we are settling into our new rhythm of life aboard, one really enjoyable aspect has been living with less. Aparigraha is one of Patanjalis’ Yamas – yogic principles – which could have a most profound effect on Western societies. Letting go, instead of accumulating. Living with less, instead of hording. Reducing one’s footprint, reusing stuff and recycling where possible, instead of chasing the latest trend and instant gratification of buying yet another new gadget. Life on a boat is simple, there is no space for any excess or stuff that one doesn’t need. And, while realising how little stuff we need, we realise we got it all.

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