Week two on board

The past week saw us dissolve the chaos which is moving on board with children, as things found their way from boxes and suitcases into their new home. The kids love it. Their new rhythm, with late Greek nights but a long siesta during the hottest hours of the day, suits everyone perfectly. It gives us time in the after-noon to become familiar with all the systems aboard: The plumber installed new toilet kits in both heads; the navigator reset both VHF’s MMSIs and got the charts and nav instruments sorted; the sailor is sorting through the bosun’s locker and 7 (!) different sails on; the electrician – is wondering about lights in the forward cabin; the Chef inaugurated the oven with a gluten-free spinach Quiche Greek style made from scratch; the mother finished the netting all around the boat (four days work!); the captain sorted out ship papers, checked, rechecked and tripled checked the mooring lines as we had 40 kts plus blow over us for a night last week and is fitting extra spare wooden plugs to all the through-hulls; the photographer is having a blast; and the yogi is enjoying the added balance-challenge during the morningly practice on the bow.

Taking responsibility for all your actions, understanding cause and effect of things that are normally taken for granted (electricity, water etc), living closer to nature and more self-sustainably is one of the most exhilarating things of this new chapter in our lives. With three 55Wp solar panels and a D-400 Wind Generator we’ve had all of our four 200Ah batteries have been constantly charged fully, despite the use of mixers and blenders, daily laptop and walkie talkie charges and other bits and pieces. Amazing technology, I’m in awe!

Week 1 Kilada_224

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