Smooth sailing

We would have spent more time in picturesque Galaxidhi, had it not been for our cruising friends we were keen to catch up with in the Ionian Sea. After a very smooth night sail and a rather rough night in Ay Nikolaous on the Northern tip of Zakintosh Island, we got hooked in Zante – colloquial for Zakynthos town. Indeed the Italian influence is undeniable – and so is the British charter flights which fly directly to Zakynthos airport. So far, many a times, the Ionian have felt like little Britain in the sun to us.

I used the time waiting for a storm to write another article for the Cruising Helmsman back home. We also took the bikes out and explored the beautiful turtle bay near Keri where one of those picture perfect unexpected sunset moments suddenly dawned (dusted – pun intended) on us.

Turtle Bay_398 Turtle Bay_399 Turtle Bay_400 Turtle Bay_402

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