Greece is holding on to us

Five days after supposed departure day. Weekend meant at least an extra couple of days for a new water-pump to be located, then sent, then installed. And Murphy’s Law hit again. Athens is out of stock, so hopes are on the UK. Moreover, since the Greek dudes, aka engineers, have fiddled around with our battery bank, nothing works properly anymore. No anchor control as we moved to a different spot on the key today. No bow thruster unless we switch all batteries together. Massively intimidating cable chaos behind the main panel – and no idea what leads to where. God help us.

Not all is bad. After barely avoiding a complete writeoff as a massive American charter catamaran drove right onto us and pushed us, through our stern lines into the dock… we flee on our bicycles. Time off, desperately needed. Often the little Happy Dancing world seems like a little paradise. But even from paradise you need time out sometimes. And here we are, discovering Lefkas beaches, flying across the marshlands, breathing in the fresh air from the other side of the bridge which we hope to have blowing through our sails some time next week. At nature’s – and Happy Dancer’s mercy. Be kind with us!

Lefkas Beach_19


    • Well, you’d know the up and downs of cruising life allt too well, lol… To quote your blog: ‘Cruising is the art of running minor repairs and maintenance in exotic places’. Couldn’t agree more! Hoping for the spare part to get here tomorrow or Thursday. Fingers crossed;)

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