Stale water around Lefkas

Landed in Nidhri, following the stories we heard about an easy going, well protected bay. Indeed it is. However, parts of it so well protected that not even fresh water can run through, means swimming is out for a few days, and so is using our water maker. Again we bump into our French friends from Sapetocue, few of the non-charters in this area and a refreshing breeze of down-to-earth relaxedness.

A few days later we find our way through the Lefkas canal after a twisted ankle, Murphy’s Day and, alas, another perfect sail. Arrival day in town was productive. Within a couple of hours we were fuelled, watered and provisioned up. Theoretically ready to cross to Sicily at the break of dawn. Was it not for the water pump in the engine whose leak we can no longer ignore.

While we are put here waiting for spare parts, we have used the time to fit our new radar reflector, enjoy the view of the turning bridge over Lefkas from the top of the mast, make new friends, clean the engine (never ending job), replace the waterfilters (yuk!), learn more Greek, film a few more sequences for my soon-to-be published Yin Yoga series (hoorey!) and, alas, play more guitar, write and meditate. Kalinichta. Tomorrow will be another day.


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