Arrival in Malta

Full moon guiding us from Sicily to MaltaFull moon Sunset_195Arrival in Malta

Sunrise near Malta

Sunrise approaching Malta

The moon still on one side, the sun rising into a stunning pink sky on the other. And then appeared the outline of Valetta in the distance. There had barely been a moment during the 60 nm crossing from Sicily to Malta when we couldn’t see land. It always is magical sailing into a new harbour, especially with sunrise, and even more so if it is as monumentally breath-taking as Malta.

To be honest, we had mainly picked this spot for wintering as it seemed the most likely place in the Med to find work while we could still be living on board. Now that it’s worked its way so rapidly into our hearts, I’d strongly urge any travelling soul to put it on your top ten destinations, without a doubt. There’s nothing like it and unless you’ve seen it, you cannot imagine what this bustling, creative and unique blend of cultures sounds, looks and feels like.

Due to it’s strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, over the millennia there’s barely been a people who hasn’t tried to set foot on Malta. From Romans, over Arabs, Turks and the Knights of Malta to the British, all left their traces in language, food, architecture and people’s features.

Apart from whoever it was who stole our dinghy anchor, everyone’s extremely friendly and helpful. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a week that we arrived. And what an incredible week it’s been. But more on this, in the next post. Back to work on another project which I will be announcing here soon. Breath in, fly. Breathe out, surrender. Happy days from Happy Dancer.

Malta arrival_204Malta arrival_203


  1. Dini
    Love reading your posts and looking at your photos. Valletta looks wonderful. One of my staff is in Malta on a cruise ship right now so this post really resonated with me.

    Warm regards to u Pablo and the ankle biters

    PS some of the Sharona crew follow u.

    • Hi David and Sharona crew, you’d be glad not to be here at this very moment – more than 40kts of wind steaming through. Pablo just lost our pram to the ocean (without the kids in it, thank God!). That aside, it is a lovely, unique, rich, fantastic place. Must see next time you come to the Med! x

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