Rolex Middle Sea Race @ 40kts plus

Since our arrival in Malta more than a week ago we hit the ground running, started work straight away. Paid Kalkara marina for a month while still waiting to get a spot at Msida Creek which is more protected and closer to the hub. Noah keeps asking where we are sailing to next… Once the Rolex Middle Sea Race is over moving to Marsamxett (yeahp, place name’s here are a real tongue twister!) will hopefully not be a problem.

As I write this, there’s 40 knots wind shaking up the masts in the marina and testing our tyre-springed stern lines. Poor guys racing right through this powerful Mistral winds. I don’t envy them. Right then the super friendly dock guys who’ve been up all night because of the storm share the latest news: One broken rudder, one broken mast. 17 yachts retired from race. So glad to be here and not out there. Nylon breaded dock-lines, the way to go for peace of mind (PS We have no financial interest in any nylon company).

MiddleSeaRace 14_214 MiddleSeaRace 14_215 MiddleSeaRace 14_216 MiddleSeaRace 14_217 MiddleSeaRace 14_218 MiddleSeaRace 14_219 MiddleSeaRace 14_220


  1. So the weather got finally worse in Malta too? Here in Austria we have 3 degrees, it’s snowing 😝😝😝 nice photos and look forward to seeing you again on the rock soon. Xx

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