So much full moon news

Have you taken advantage of the wonderful full moon energies this month? Your opportunity to let go of stuff you no longer need. To send a conscious wish out there to the universe and use the powerful vibes to turn it into a reality. This moon’s in Taurus and not causing any particularly traumatic planetary constellations which could reflect in a troubled inner child. Nevertheless, sometimes it doesn’t need big bangs to go through big shifts inside. Everyone who’s experienced a Yin Yoga class which allows you to patiently and step by step shed deep seated stuff will agree. If you haven’t and you can’t join any of my new classes or workshops here in Malta, check out my slowly growing online studio in which I will be offering more Yin videos for streaming over the next few weeks. A chakra balancing journey right into 2015.

More news: tomorrow Sunday 09 Nov’15 I will be holding a one hour lecture on mindfulness at the University of Malta at 11am. If you are around, join the 70 psychology students for an hour of insight into Buddha’s teachings, meditation and Q&A.

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During my full moon ceremony early yesterday morning as the first rays of sunlight were breaking through the marina, lots of gratitude came up for so many things, including finally having chopped together what I believe will be some wonderful yoga retreats for next year. Your chance to join our journey for a bit and likely more blissful than with two super active toddlers on board, as romantic as it might sound. Chose between a long yoga weekend in the Malta in February or a whole week of yoga and nature in Turkey’s stunning Dalyan Delta in July.
I haven’t stuck to the liquid cleanse on moon days this time around, but gave in to the need for nurturing in the midst of a strong gale blowing over our mast, with some warming hot chocolate, a cuppa with one of the lovely yoga teachers in town and home-made zucchini pasta with cashew and organic basil pesto. Hope to share more galley love with you in the next post and excited to start my Malta Monday series soon where I’ll be portraying one inspirational local person or business each week. Enough news today. Off to open the hatches and let some sunshine through after last night’s bunkering up movie night at 50kts+. There’s moments and moments… Celebrate. Sunshine. Life’s so short. Make every day special. Namaste, blissful weekend to you and thanks for checking in.

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