Malta Monday with Charlene from the Soap Cafe

The cinnamon tea is brewing, my newest raw cake creation served and the kids’ advent calenders hung up. Before this lazy Monday comes to an end, I need to introduce another fabulous and inspiring local woman to you. Several weeks ago I started this Malta Monday series to demonstrate the bustling creativity of this tiny island, this year’s wintering stop spot, not only through our own experiences and observations, but also through actual local enterprises which play a huge role in giving Malta the charm and sweetness it has today. Without further due, here’s the usual seven Monday questions for beautiful Charlene from the Soap Cafe.

Charlene 3

You in a few words

Stubborn, creative, passionate and constantly hungry for knowledge. I’ve worked in a variety of sectors and qualified as a beauty therapist, herbalist, masseuse and later on as a product designer. Even though at the time it seemed like I was hopping from one sector to another, my passions led me onto the path of a ‘beauty chef’ – creator and designer of natural cosmetics

Your business in a few words
My shop and my products are an extension of my personality. It’s all that I believe in – the importance of living a holistic life, the use of products which are not only beneficial to the individual wellbeing but also to be cruelty free eco sustainable and eco friendly. I try to transmit this passion to children by organizing SoapMaking parties which have been very popular. We also specialize in custom made products where we create a variety of handmade soaps and beauty products as wedding favors and other souvenirs for all special occasions. And to compliment our beautiful natural products we also pamper our clients with our skin loving facials and relaxing massages.

Your greatest inspiration
My clients are what inspire my work. Their needs and their dreams fuel my creativity.
To some, it might seem that a small thing like a soap bar cannot make a great difference to him/her or the environment. But when people start understanding and experiencing that ‘feel good’ sensation and notice the difference, they become completely hooked. That is an extremely fulfilling feeling.

Your biggest dream
All I want is to be happy, fulfilled, at peace – a life without any regrets.

Your favourite quote
If you really want something the world will conspire to help you achieve it

Charlene 4

Milestone moments on the path to get where you are today
My first was at age 16 – my tutor at the beauty school who believed in natural remedies (at the time i.e 15 years ago in Malta, such things where considered a myth) .
My second most significant milestone was when I got into design school. This is where I discovered my creative side and started putting it into practice
My third is when I opened my shop 6 years ago and got to experience what it means to run my own business

And the future?
New products, new events, maybe a new shop outside our little island …who knows! I definitely need time to plan some ‘traveling time ‘ soon which I’ve really missed since I had my own shop.

Charlene 1 Charlene 2


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