Confession from a wintering sailorette

I have a confession to make. It’s not always easy living on a boat. I have mentioned this before. After returning from a stunning, spacious and simply spectaculor villa on our Gozo Yoga Retreat I expected a sense of joy when coming back home to Happy Dancer. Instead I really struggled for the first few days. It was small. There’s always things to fix and improve on a boat. Everything is more complicated. I mean, having to move a whole pile of dishes and cutlery only to be able to open the fridge to then possibly be lucky and find the coconut water during the dive to the very bottom of the fridge (or wherelse could it be)? Or having to climb out in storm and rain, find a way through the laundry forest dangling everywhere, pull the wifi antenna further up the mast – only to be able to quickly check an email with the mechanics phone number in it? Nothing is easy on a boat. Ahhh! It’s out;)

Msida Yacht Marina Sun Rise
Sun Rise over Valetta, seen from Happy Dancer’s bow


And then there’s moments when I really enjoy the inconveniences of it all – or in other words, the simpler, back to basic lifestyle. For instance, having to take a bike ride to the marina showers in the morning – it gives me an opportunity to check in with the world around us between my lemon water and yoga practice pre- and family breakfast post- shower. It makes the whole journey more of a ritual and it makes it very hard to simply fall into every day routines. You appreciate little details. People who smilingly greet you every morning. Fish that jump in the water. Not to mention the sunrises over the marina. Sometimes I open the hatch or take a stroll to the bow bathing in Photoshop like sky-colours – just in real and without a screen… then I simply can’t find words to describe my gratitude. Or when I stroll back from a yoga class in the evening, over the pontoon, under the full moon, smell the ocean all around us, bath in the stars all above as I step onto our safe and sturdy floating home which could take us anywhere we want just at the mere throw of some lines… so often it’s all just a matter of perspective.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one!” Brad Paisley

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