A typical day on a wintering boat

There is no typical day for us, never has been. Neither back in Sydney’s settled city dweller life, least when sailing, and nor when spending the winter kissing a pontoon and topping up our kitty. There’s days we explore our temporary island home. Malta must have the highest amount of world heritage sites per square meter as well as per habitants. Some days we spend building sand castles at our favourite beach. Others I take the boys to football and swimming classes or baking and arts and crafts sessions at friends’ places. Pablo works during the days. I teach in the evening. The boys are always with us. So what does a random day look like?

I wake up at the break of dawn – meditate as the sun rises, then get a few emails answered, articles finished or a blog post written. After my shower at the yacht club the boys are usually up for breakfast, followed by a little writing, drawing or reading session (kids-let in promptuo home-schooling – or is there a name for satisfying a child’s natural urge to learn?). By 10-ish we usually leave the boat for the days activities. Today a sailor friend came over for cuppa and it got a bit late. The sun was shining and more friends with kids knocked on the pontoon gate. So decided to stay in and use the kids energy to fix the dinghy. They loved brushing the soapy water all over the dinghy while I was pumping it up waiting for bubbles to appear – indicating the spot where the dinghy gremlin’s have been letting out steam. Alas, unsuccessfully, but it was fun.

While I made coffee for the grown-ups, our kids loved showing off their floating home to their enchanted little friend. To stretch out the legs a little more before lunch time, we took the bikes and got our two deflated fenders back in shape in the nearest chandlery. After a Caprese and stuffed zucchini flowers the kids went down for their after-noon nap. I tidied a bit before giving the dinghy fix another unsuccessful shot (Any tips and tricks out there?!? One side is perfect, the other one gets floppy after a day. How can it get punctured by just lying on the bow covered anyway?!?).

When the kids woke up we watched Frozen (on our laptop with our wind generator and solar panels supplying the juice) over tea and bliss balls. After that it’s playtime with daddy as mummy heads of to teach her yoga classes. When I, aka mum & yogini, come back we all have dinner together. Latin style, late and cosy. Thanks Pablo for an amazing vegetarian Couscous ragout;) After that we finished building the Lego castle and read through several of the boys current favourite books. Then it’s bed time, rejuvenating and resting, ready for another action packed day.

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  1. I had no luck with the kids inflatable toys until I meticulously went over them with my face really close to the material and listening very carefully. I could eventually hear and feel the escaping air before I could see the hole. Good luck!

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