The dark side of the moon

How glad will I be when today’s dark new moon is gone. A friend’s astrologer described it somehow as ‘trying to keep a candle flame blowing in a tunnel with a constant Force 8 blowing through’. That’s about a pretty exact description of the last few days. But there’s a Yang to every Yin. A new friend to every disillusioned one lost. A new insight to every disappointment. A new opportunity to keep an open heart, after every opportunity lost. Some positive change somewhere, for every heart-breaking piece of hopelessly inhumane news. And a new chance to fix the dinghy tomorrow;)

Yep, even living the dream has its down moments, just like every mountain has its valley. Only that the mountains are higher and the valleys, albeit fewer, tend to be lower. Now that the super moon has passed its closest point to Earth – 223,473 miles – I’m ready to see the sun again. That will have to include seeing some wind in our sails as I’m not liking the sensation of too many barnacles scratching Happy Dancer’s rudder.

In all that, my Yoga is the candle, my family the wick and our sailing adventure the sometimes shaky sometimes bright flame. And all these scribbles? Some midnight ponderings of a sleep- and sail-deprived wintering Sailorette. Here’s a G’night and sleep well for a brighter day tomorrow.

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