Featuring on Maltese TV – as you do

Explaining the ins and outs, ‘what is’s and benefits of having a Doula assist you during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Our footprint is created looong before we take our first breath. If there’s even only a little cell in you who wishes to make a positive contribution to the world – start with yourself, then your children, then the rest. They are but little angels put into our hands for a little while to guide them the best we can. Their first moments in this world are crucial in framing their perspective for what there is to come. A Doula can help create a far more positive birth experience and MUCH more for mum, baby AND dad – and through that, everyone else. Conscious living would have to be somewhere in the title of that book which I might write one day.

Every breath counts. Every moment is special. Every birth a miracle. Every day unique.

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