How Sailors connect to land

When a friend asked me a couple of weeks ago if my boys and I would like to share a plot of land with her and her kid to grow our own veggies, I did not hesitate a split second. (Danke Eli!) What a better way to roam in nature, connect with Mother Earth, smell this land, have chemical free products, teach the kids where their food comes from and last but not least, of course have lots of fun together on the way.

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Ever since, we’ve been catching up regularly near this wonderful community project which has made the mini-plots happen. Maltese soil doesn’t seem to be the most fertile at a glance and our plot appears particularly stony. Yet, this hasn’t stopped our enthusiasm to the least. Neither has the fact that we still have an awful lot to learn about permaculture and the like. On the contrary. Chatting with neighbouring mini-plotterers, some chanting hippies on the spot and the local and international woofers who’ve also been getting their hands dirty has advanced us one step at a time.

Last week it was taking out roots and weeds, marking our land (arigato Yuko!) and building our own compost. This week it has been airing the soil (grazie Lorenzo!), getting the biggest stones out and covering it all with cardboard and organic matter to keep the weeds away. Next week it’ll be feeling the energies of the place to decide where we gonna put our beds and plant our first seeds and seedlings. From one to five year old – our own little forest kindi is loving it to bits and so are we. What a fantastic opportunity while being hooked on land – a few months left, hopefully just enough for the first harvest.

Happy growing. If you feel like donating something for our plants, from permaculture advice over a few spare pennies, don’t hold back, lol. May rain and sunshine be with you.

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