Another fabulous Yoga Retreat

A stunning place. Malta from all its sides. Nature. Indulgence. Great Yoga. Meditation. Pranayam. Turning inwards, Exploring outwards. Adventure. Rest. Quiet. New friends. New insights. New angles. Time to breathe. Time to be. And most importantly the most Devine group of yogis from around the globe. Back on the boat now that another fantastic retreat is over and I cannot express the joy and gratitude for being able to host it, sharing what I love with wonderful souls and mates.

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If you’ve missed this retreat, don’t hesitate in joining us in Turkey for the first week of July. Similarly promising stunning landscapes, nature reserves, organic local delicacies, a world famous turtle beach, a stunning bay, a laid back cafe culture village across the river, two yoga sessions every day, plenty of opportunities to explore as well as be still – and much more. Would love to see you in the Dalyan Delta!

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