A healthy outside starts from the Inside

Here’s some powerful cleansing instructions which the wonderful yogis from around the globe found next to their welcome cards upon arrival next to a couple of fresh local organic lemons in their luxurious four star hotel suites:

Dear Yogi,

If you would like to add a few powerful yet simple Ayurvedic cleansing practices to your retreat, here’s the ‘How to’s.
• Spend a few breathes or minutes in the lying twist on each side, deepening the breathe and exploring the energy flow up and down the spine, as well as massaging your inner organs and activating your metabolism before getting up in the morning.
• Upon rising, spit out any saliva which might have accumulated in your palate overnight (toxic!), rinse your mouth, slash fresh cold water onto eyes, nostrils and ears, and scrape your tongue with your fingers or a tea spoon. Observe the colouring of (if any) tongue coating. It is a map to what’s happening along your digestive tract. Want to know more? Check into the informal, informative and free Ayurvedic chat on Sunday morning after breakfast.
• Before your yoga practice and long before breakfast, squeeze the juice of ½ organic local lemon provided into 1/2 glass of water and drink. One of the most alkalizing cleanses you can treat your body with every morning.
• Smile.
• Make your way to yoga (ideally after a bowel movement).

A healthy outside, starts from the inside.

R. Ulrich

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