Time flies

Time flies when one is having fun. I’ve been busy getting my hands dirty rather than whooshing the fingers over the keyboard. As such, most deck fittings on Happy Dancer have received an upgraded sealant over the past weeks, our cockpit table’s gone through many exhaustive rounds of sanding and is now happily coated in its new coat of varnish in line with the companionway hatch, the life vests have been serviced (at three in the morning when the computer ran out of internet), more than half of the hatches have been replaced (sparkely!), new LED lights have doubled the light in the interior, a new boat hook and a few other goodies have found their way on board and our Atlantic Prep list has come alive. As we speak, the boys are fitting the serviced injectors (7am!) as I’m brewing them some Chai. Spring is in the air!

On the exploration side, this little island continues to surprise and enchant us as the boyz (aka almost 2 and 3.5 year old) and I explore and discover new places every week. We also spend quite a lot of time on the farm, soaking in the grounding that comes with digging your hands in soil and preparing some permacultlure veggies pats, hanging out with our lovely group of like-minded conscious parents and – of course – painting. One of our favourite past times, whether sun or rain. In fact, most days Noah (3.5) takes himself through his own morning routine of home-schooling as he fetches his books, blogs, scissors and the like straight after practice to either practice writing, do some arts and crafts or asks me to tell him more about the animals and places in his geography books or sometimes on historic brochures we find throughout town.

Yoga wise I’m treasuring more than ever teaching my weekly classes, including an added one for African refugees whose past we cannot even come close to imagine, knowing that the weeks are counted. A few more workshops in planning and then we are off late May to the Colourfest in the UK and soon after to another stunning retreat (after a hopefully stunning 800 nm three week sail) to Turkey.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.  Bhagavad Gita

Time to attack the lifelines (top row will get a new 5mm 1×19 stainless steel) before the kids wake up and we are off to explore St Peter’s Pool – an apparently secretly hidden beach to the South I need to get some pictures of for THE most inclusive Malta sailing article ever awaiting you in the Cruising Helmsmen later in the year.


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