Good times and Farewells

One of the most beautiful things about cruising life turns out to also be one of the most painful: Making – and leaving – new friends. Whilst spending time with the locals is invaluable, meeting other cruising families feels more like a family reunion. So much to share, so much in common and so many unforgettable moments spent as time and space doesn’t matter on the sea – and friendships grow at a different pace.

With tears in my eyes we waved Vida Loka off a week ago as they silently slipped off their dock opposite our’s in the wee morning hours. They had spent the latter half of winter with us on Pontoon I in Msida, Malta. Leo and our boys straight away became best friends and when Noah tries to understand these days, with his curious 3.5 year old brain and open heart why he’s not here anymore to play with – I always have to pull my sunnies out to hide those tear drops. But the good side is, it means we had a blast and so many joyous moments that’ll adorn our happy memory chamber in our hearts forever. We also look forward to sharing many anchorages in the future and those are the moments that bring my smiles back on.

Less than a week later, a in so many ways ridiculously similar boat and crew to us (people keep on asking if Nicky – Maya’s ‘mum’ and I are sisters…) left the Maltese shores, on another silent morning. Rolf from SY Maya describes best the wonderful week we had with them here in Malta upon our retrouvaille after having met them in Sicily. Bon voyages amigos – can’t wait to see you in Turkey without a heavy work schedule to keep us apart!

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