Bye Bye Malta – this time for real

To say we had a blast over the past two weeks in the UK is a complete and utter understatement. Nourishing yummy old friendships. Teaching inspiring workshops. Soaking in creativity left, right and centre. Filling our lungs with lush green. Breathing deeply. Hugging long. Four out-of-this-world days at the Colourfest. Loving peops every where. Open hearts the norm. Dancing at the wake of dawn. Chanting ways past dusk. Meditation in movement in between. Only smiles everywhere you go and look. Healthy treats mad easy and accessible. More music and delicious yoga. Acro yoga boosters. Family fun. Arts & crafts. Reviging the inner tiger. Connecting with nature… you name it, it was there in the deepest truth and purity of your soul. Then more hugs and good friends before boarding the plane and landing harshly on Malta’s rough and rude soil.

A day of hectic but mostly efficient provisioning. So glad I managed to get 25 litres of coconut juice on board, Natto beans from the Asian supermarket and even had the time to hug and treasure some moments with a few of our dearest ones here who’ll we’ll see again when we swing by for a brief visit in September on our way out of the Med. For now, it’s only another deck wash, shower, weather forecast download, final tidy up below deck and hopefully a few hours of sleep away till we’ll sail off into the sunrise towards our next destination: Crete. On our way to my yoga retreat in Turkey later this month. I really look forward to four days without seeing land and will report back on how we go with the SSB radio when we touch Greek soil. Until then – Namaste, deep breaths trueful hugs and sincere thanks for getting inspired by our journey.

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