Passagenotes Malta to Greece: Day 3 (efficient)

Felt like new after a night of no engine. Two to four knots under sail. We won’t win any races here, but will get to Greece sound & safely & happy. Got lots of stuff done – ‘lots’ at least for passage sailing terms: Re-welcomed the watermaker after its seven months of hibernation and relieved to say, as usual, ‘Clarita’ is doing her job of turning 30l of seawater into sort of acceptable drinking water well and reliably. Got another load of washing done – now that water supply is a non-issue. Did some more cooking, arts and crafts and wiped the whole interior. Best day of the month to do so, according to granny’s moon calendar. We’ll have to have another swimming break before dinner and trial the SSB. The latter has been a big winter project and it seems we are so close to being able to send and receive emails from anywhere in the world – but not quite yet without the excruciating cost of satellite phones. Hoping to have the last setting issues resolved by tonight. Preparing sushi rice now as the fishing line is out – and a backup curry just in case the bites stay absent and my vegetarian me can keep smiling. Kids are watching Thomas the Tank-engine, munching on roasted chickpeas and coconut juice and Pabs is reading through the Pardey’s Heavy Weather Tactics on deck. Thinking should have bought Light Weather Tactics instead if there is such a thing out there.

Day 3_785
Just before dinner we saw a massive turtle, sadly munching away on a piece of plastic. We were quick to chuck our organic waste overboard, hoping she’d enjoy our cabbage leaves, broccoli studs and banana skins more. Although it’s been a wildlife-rich journey so far for Mediterranean standards, we’ve unfortunately still seen at least ten times more rubbish floating in the Sea than dolphins, swordfish and turtles together.

Gael Sunnies_784

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