Passagenotes Malta to Greece: Day 2 (Relax)

A pretty uneventful day at sea. Crab in terms of milage made good (70nm) but that’s mainly due to turning the engine off for a while a) to use the 5 to 10 knots of wind b) preserve fuel as we don’t have enough to make the whole passage by engine c) get a break from the engine background noise and enjoy the serene silence of sailing. In terms of enjoyment levels we are at the other end of the spectrum, loving being at sea. Two swinging breaks. Only a few short dolphin visits and a handful of cargo ships. Stainless and varnish got a bit of loving, book and hammock action happened during siesta time and lots of arts & crafts with the boys in the after-noon, followed by a simple but sumptuous dinner. Then finally we got a few hours of sleep each and oh what a different that makes!

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