New Online Class

Yoga is something best done with an experienced teacher. However, sometimes the time and/or space don’t allow class attendance in which case online classes can be a great way to not miss out on your practice. Most readers know that I am a passionate yogini and teach retreats, classes and workshops around the world. Sometimes I manage to overcome my digital aversion and put up a class in my humble, yet growing online studio. Please take a moment to check out this new edition, a gentle 40’ practice suitable to all levels, filmed at my last retreat in the beautiful Dalyan River Delta, Turkey. If you like the preview, feel free to purchase the full class for a small donation of 5£ which will support the production of future yoga videos. Upon payment (PayPal or any Credit Card) you will receive a unique link which will allow you to view the class as often, when- and wherever you like.

The session eases you into your practice, guides you through a couple of sun salutes, through nauli kria – one of yoga’s most powerful cleansing techniques – and winds up with several seated poses and a delicious meditation in shivasana. After the Om you can get a glimpse into Pablo and my acro yoga practice which has been bringing lots of fun and smiles to Crete’s beaches this month.

Namaste, soul greetings and thanks for all your support, Dini.


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