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Tenerife Yoga Retreat – a Video Review

Time flies and over two weeks back into our new old Sydney life I still believe my prediction is true: Within a month we’ll have our old ‘stable’ life back. It’s amusingly mindblowing how hard it is to cut your ties and sail off into the sunset like we did 2.5 years ago – and how incredibly easy it is to drop back into the system. It is made for it and our society wants robots – not free spirits. As such in fifteen days we’ve found ourselves a house, a massive family car to prepare for the new addition next year, a red Vespa, the related insurances, a pushbike, a phone contract and several bits and pieces of furniture and the like.

This is for all the many mails I get through this blog fearing the loss of ‘stability’ and ‘real life’! If you’ve grow up with it, they (or the illusion thereof) will always be there for you!

Despite a five day involuntary cleanse due to a nasty city virus our pure ocean systems aren’t used to anymore, I managed to put together this five minute video review of my last retreat in Europe a couple of weeks before we returned to Australia. Looking at the blissful moments in sunkissed Tenerife, the fun evenings, the ceremonies and fantastic yoga vibes, remembering the lovely participants and stunning retreat location it feels like a second and yet a lifetime ago that the Sydney skyline didn’t form part of my life. Time is such a funny thing. Enjoy! and even better, stay tuned to soon-to-come updates on next November’s Yoga Retreat in Bali.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is, your are the pilot!


New Online Class

Yoga is something best done with an experienced teacher. However, sometimes the time and/or space don’t allow class attendance in which case online classes can be a great way to not miss out on your practice. Most readers know that I am a passionate yogini and teach retreats, classes and workshops around the world. Sometimes I manage to overcome my digital aversion and put up a class in my humble, yet growing online studio. Please take a moment to check out this new edition, a gentle 40’ practice suitable to all levels, filmed at my last retreat in the beautiful Dalyan River Delta, Turkey. If you like the preview, feel free to purchase the full class for a small donation of 5£ which will support the production of future yoga videos. Upon payment (PayPal or any Credit Card) you will receive a unique link which will allow you to view the class as often, when- and wherever you like.

The session eases you into your practice, guides you through a couple of sun salutes, through nauli kria – one of yoga’s most powerful cleansing techniques – and winds up with several seated poses and a delicious meditation in shivasana. After the Om you can get a glimpse into Pablo and my acro yoga practice which has been bringing lots of fun and smiles to Crete’s beaches this month.

Namaste, soul greetings and thanks for all your support, Dini.


Merry Xmas Yoga Practice

If you’ve really enjoyed this 40 minute metabolism boosting yoga session, consider adding something to our cruising kitty towards the future production of more awesome yoga and sailing videos and keep us cruising until next xmas and beyond. Thanks!

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From Gozo back to Malta

A week back into Malta, it is interesting, once again, to observe how everything in life depends on perspective. When we first arrived here well over a month ago, it seemed like one of the most laid-back islands. Typical Med style, really. Creativity was bustling, business happening, but you’d never see anyone stressed out about anything. A healthy pace of life, one could say. And everyone who gets back from a city break in London’s always so relieved about being able to breathe deeply again here. There’s time for that kind of stuff. Yet, coming from neighbouring Gozo, it feels like high-life’s on the go!

One spot left for November Yoga Retreat in Malta

Have you done something extraordinary for yourself this year? Have you taken enough time of to just be and not do so much? To not only nourish your body or your intellect, but also your heart and your soul? If the answer to any of those includes a no or even just a slight doubt, the ONE SPOT that’s left for our blissful Yoga holiday in November in Gozo, Malta’s magic sister island, might be your’s. For more details click on the flyer below or get in touch.

Nov Retreat Malta