Sicily by night

Siracusa by night

Siracusa by night
Siracusa by night

A text from our friends:

Already in airport in less than an hour. My bus driver chased another bus in the small streets of Catania. Then blocked the street, then told me to jump on that other bus. The other bus driver stopped at the next ticket machine, got out to buy me a ticket and then gave it to me to validate. Then took me to the airport. So nice! Italian service, and always with a smile.

We could tell plenty of stories to try and describe the incredible friendliness we’ve encountered in Sicily, but still wouldn’t do these jolly folks any justice. Blessed may they be. If everyone had a share of their savoir-vivre, generosity and happiness, the world would be a much better place!

Marzamemi by night
Marzamemi by night
Marzamemi by night
The Sicily we left behind


    • Indeed. I’d be too bad at fotoshoot to just ‘invent’ it, lol. Have become a MASSIVE Sicily fan and it was hard to imagine Malta wouldn’t disappoint… but it didn’t, not at all. Another magical place to put on the top ten MUST SEEs bucket lists. Settling in… more soon from this Gem in the Med;) x

      • Your photos are amazing. I’m learning Italian at the moment, so that next time we go back it will be easier and more fun getting around. We met a man from Sicily one time up northern Italy, at a restaurant of course, he was a real character.
        I think the island is calling my name.
        Planning on learning Spanish, at the same time, whether this is sensible or not only time will reveal. But it will be super useful when we travel.

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