Passagenotes, Crete to Malta: Day 3, the wind is calm, the mind is wild

Another good motor sail run as waves continue to die down and by mid-after-noon we have a mirror like sea for a few hours – a treat after the shock of the gigantum waves still stuck in our systems. There’s lots of painting and the boys have discovered a fishing game – fishing each other through the aft-hatch with one on the sunbed pulling the other one up. Keeping themselves entertained for hours while Pablo and I get the rare opportunity to chew through one book after the other. Victor Dumas. Billy Bryson. Natural vegetarian kitchen. Reiki basics. Mao Tse Tung…

The heat is getting to me and sometimes I can’t but just lie there, fanning some air to me with the book of the day, sipping cold water and wondering whether we are surviving here or living. It’s a sentence from our kids favourite movie, Walle (very cute and recommendable, btw, for all ages!), that’s often mentioned aboard Happy Dancer:

I don’t want to survive, I want to live!

Setting off into the sunset on a sailing boat with your dear ones indeed brings many of the most alive, memorable and beautiful moments one could ever dream off. At the same time, it also brings along many challenges, worries and constant preoccupations which a normal mum doesn’t have to worry about. Only one tiny o-ring, hose-clip or, slightly bigger, but hose or seacock failing can mean disasters – and that, I always carry in the back of my mind. The truth about paradise? It’s all in the mind in the end – and mine is going a bit bonkers these days so I’ve extended my meditations and will see when the latest super moon clarity will shine through. The winds of change are blowing past my nose at an agreeable 8 knots from the beam.


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  1. Hi Dini,
    thanks for some very honest lines in this and the gigantum-waves-post. As with everything in life, also sailing has its ups and downs, positives and negatives, Yin and Yang (even though this might be a bit far-stretched here).
    My personal sailing-downs get multiplied when the kids are around, I want them to be safe, happy, playing and singing. And even if I cannot really recall how many times I have sworn off sailing due to too much wind, boat too small (I prefer boats max. half the size of Happy Dancer), another repair needing to be made, etc., as soon as the sun is out, wind perfect, boat moving effortlessly or a night spend under the stars, I manage to push all negative thoughts a long way back in my mind. I certainly hope you will be able to do that as well, continue your amazing journey and live the life you’ve dreamed of.
    Look forward to your updates, take care,

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