First signs of spring


Almost two months in the calm and stormy Hampshire in the lush and grey south of England has passed. So have several gale force winds and flooding while Australia has been swept again by summer bushfires. Yin and yang. Life, so full of opposites. So chaotic it never makes sense.Image

Lovely new friends and playmates for the kids. Fabulous. Rekindling with old university mates. Fun. Nourishing friendships back home. Nostalgic. Driving through southern England – childhood memories coming back. Enduring cold and grey rainy days on end. For the first time in my life starting to really appreciate the pub culture. How inviting an ancient Inn’s warmth and coziness!

The miserable neighbour’s constant complaints about Wilson whose sight they don’t like in their upper end street. Pitiable people who don’t have anything else to do than try and keep their shaky aristocratic image alive. How empty they must feel when those few things they so fearfully hold on to – house, reputation, car – are taken away from them. A big Metta sigh – an opportunity to practice loving kindness despite all odds.Image


Four weeks ago I started teaching yoga again. Classes are booming. The place is a haven. More divine people pouring into my life. Feeling grateful. The journey, all part of the adventure. A day at the beach, heavenly. More amazing people. Feeling connected. Planning a long weekend to our boat in Greece for March. Excited. Working through stuff. Cleanse. Ayurvedic Panchakarma. Full on. Detoxifying. Observing the crocuses grow. Slowly re-filling with energy with the first signs of spring. Uplifting.

ImageAnd finally a quote from Pablo Neruda with love to the neighbours:

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.

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