Malta 101

I’ve stopped counting how many months ago our supposed two day stop in Malta turned into a month which turned our lives around once again, confirmed a third pregnancy, put our boat and home of several years up for sale and sent us of searching for our new destiny. Skip Spain, Morocco, Tenerife and the UK and fast-forward to Sydney where we are now counting week seven since our unexpected return home. Just before Christmas I had bumped into a lovely South African lady who was minding her grand-child at the opening of the fabulous Flying Yogis in Bondi Junction. We got chatting as her daughter was about to leave on a three-year adventure to Malta with her family. This followed by a couple of weeks me trying to pass on the best of the best of that little rock in the Med which we called home for a whole winter of our journey – and to which we’ll always feel connected somewhat having left many beautiful friends and treasured memories behind.

This post is for Gia and her family – and anyone else who’ll be lucky enough to spend some time on the honey island of Melita – now better known as Malta. Google, facebook (it’s big on the island!) or contact us for more details on any of the below and more.


Connect with Nature

(This could go on and on and only includes our top favourites)

  • The Creativity Vortex – an almost utopia piece of land with veggie gardens for rent, regular holistic workshops and retreats and always a smile and someone to have a hug and a chat with.
  • Dinghli Cliffs hike
  • Trip to Gozo – different land!
  • Shop in a wheel-borrow: Pick your organic veggies up at a local farmer, like Louis on the most northern hammerhead Peninsula, and have a look around traditional buildings, bunkers and farms while you are at it.
  • While you are up there, visit Paradise Beach
  • Spend a day at Salmun Bay hiking and beaching away from the crowds
  • Ghajn Tuffieha – by far our favourite unspoiled beach on the island. Thanks to hundreds of deeps steps leading down to the bay, it kept most developers and some of the masses away. Spectacular Caribbean style views and swimming.
  • Hike starting at Mistral Bay, leading from St Paul’s to Mellieha Bay
  • St Peter’s Pool – amazing natural rock pool, not suitable in rough weather and with small kids, else exceptional and flabbergasting scenery, swim and snorkel.
  • Feeling the lack of green? Head to the place which most comes to resembling a forest on the otherwise barren island: Buskett Gardens.
  • Sail around and away… that must be a Sailing Family thing of our’s…

Rabat n Mdina_246.JPG

Connect with history

(Once again, the list could go on and on…)

  • Valetta – simply impressive and unique fort city and harbour
  • Rabat & Mdina – the walled city and its adjacent neighbour on an elevated plateau in the middle of Malta overlooking the whole island
  • Trip to Gozo
  • Marsaxloxx Sunday markets (go off season, else this picturesque small fishing town in Malta’s East gets too busy and best – if you enjoy movement – cycle or hike there from Kalkara!)
  • Megalithic temples overlooking the straight towards Africa – oldest standing temples in the world!


Organic shopping

  • Good Earth – organic shop in Balluta Bay
  • Casa Natura – organic shop in Sliema
  • The Veg Box at Villa Bologna’s organic store – buy in or delivery
  • Organic House for home deliveries – sustainable shop in St Paul’s Bay
  • Twice-weekly local fresh produce markets in Ta’Qali

Beach Days_536

Delicious and wholesome eating

  • Grassy Hopper – Amazing little Raw Food Café in Gzira
  • Villa Bologna Café & Gardens, too picturesque – take your camera! Just down the road you’ll find the beautiful President’s kitchen with stunning gardens, cafe, playgrounds and little zoo which old and young alike usually adore.
  • Tea times with scones and cream at Palazzo Paraiso for special treats in English Gardens
  • The Mint Café – popular Sydney-style wholesome Café on Sliema’s seafront run by a bunch of kiwis
  • Theobroma – delicious cacao collective in Valletta
  • Good Thaimes, Gzira – most authentic Thai restaurant and German bar on the island. Sounds like a weird combo, but it absolutely works, at super fair prices also!
  • yum_214

Treats for body, mind and soul

  • A massage with world’s best holistic massage therapist, Cat Moyle from Butterfly Therapies. At the same place in Tigne Point you’ll find life alignment session with the lovely Elisendra as well as many other holistic therapies.
  • A yoga class with Kundalini inspired Michelle Bartolo in the beautiful setting of Lily Agius’ Art Gallery
  • Shopping scents at Charlene’s Soap Café in Sliema
  • Soak in healing sound waves at one of the unforgettable kirtans at WhyNot? in Paceville
  • See Robert Grech, THE osteopath of the island for any health issues and spine alignments.
  • Tigne Homeopathic Centre
  • Sip a delicious Japanese green tea in company of fellow mums as your kids play with wooden toys and selected books or grow, enjoy and learn during one of the many music and motion classes at Ludi’s in Mosta

Last but not least, some of these secret tips which will help you get the absolute best out of your Malta experience come from my dear friend and fellow blogging mum, Nadine. Check out her SunshineLoveFood for the most up to date and inspiring recipes and reviews on all you need to know about staying wholesome and happy in Malta;)

Il-gurnata t-tajba! (Maltese: Have a good day!)

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