Gluten-free PECAN CAKE


Given the ludicrous success of my latest dessert discovery during recent BBQs, it is time to share another recipe. While I have been crying many tears lately as we are going through the last steps of Happy Dancer’s selling process and without further reasons I simply miss my boat, my only female company amongst all my boys, my lady who helped me protect my family during long and starry nights, bright Mediterranean sunny days and some uncomfortable storms – I have also enjoyed the easiness which land-life brings. One of them being, a properly sized kitchen with all its gadgets and conveniences.

As such my paleo, whole-some, vegetarian, Ayurveda and sometimes raw food influenced cooking have been mixing with my creative juices. One of the outcomes was this simple yet delicious and easy Jamie Oliver-inspired recipe which is both great in cake or muffin form, with or without the glazing, for a private dinner party, beach picnic or cut into small sizes for a big backyard BBQ.


350 soft butter

1/3 tsp bi-carb soda

125 g coconut flour

125 g buckwheat flour

300 g ground pecans (plus a few extra ones for decoration if you fancy)

150 g maple syrup

300 g coconut sugar

6 organic eggs

30 ml milk of your choice



200 coconut sugar (use xylitol if it’s getting too much coconut for your likes)

350 double cream

50 g maple syrup



Preheat your oven to 160 C/ gas 2-3. Mix all cake ingredients and put onto baking paper in your tin. Put cake in the oven for just under an hour – a third of that for muffins. Check regularly and turn off when golden brown and not gewy on the inside.

If you chose to add the glazing, put all glazing ingredients into a pan at lowest heat. Stir until a uniform toffee-like sauce materialises. Pour over cake or muffins. Add extra roasted pecans for decoration if you fancy. Share with your friends, enjoy and let us know what you think!

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