Sailing Yoga Family at the Sydney Boatshow

These past few days, amid 5-year-old’s birthday celebrations, I’ve been busy putting together some pictures and videos for our presentation at the Sydney Boatshow next week. It’s Australia’s biggest fair on everything on and around the water, in its 49th year running, and we are very excited to be part of it. More so, I’m grateful to give back what I gave us: Six years ago Pablo and I listened to the La Barca family talking about their then recent family sailing adventure. This was the final trigger to set real milestones and make our sailing dream come true. It was real, it was life, it was raw and true – it was possible, all that’s what they stood for and if we can only inspire one other person, couple and/or family to also follow their dream, then the chaos will be worth it, of dragging a baby and two toddlers five days  in a row to Glebe Island, past boat equipment stands and try and keep them quiet on stage. If you are in or around Sydney – please come and say hi, each day 12h30 at the Hot Seat stage. Here‘s the full program.

Also in the pipeline is an interview about our family adventure which Boat Radio from Mallorca, Spain, conducted with us last night. Despite my sleep deprived, soupy brain, I think there’ll be many interesting, and a few amusing, stories and anecdotes in there and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s out. That’s it for today. Leaving you with a quote I posted years ago but which still resonates more than ever in these days of sleep-deprivation, confusion and trying to figure out what the next dream is – or if one needs dreams at all…?!



  1. Deprived of sleep? Soupy brain?
    C’mon, young lady, you are amazing! In addition to all your family and yoga tasks and duties you manage to prepare enough information to be a speaker at one of the big boat shows of this planet. Some other folks do nothing but this preparation for months, and for you it is “just like that”, in addition to everything else. I have been and am still more than impressed by your organisational skills and speed… 😉

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