Sculptures by the Sea

Every year in late October, the already stunning coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama Beach gets a cherry on top in the form of Sculptures by the Sea. Every year they attract thousands of visitors from near and far and leave everyone marvelling, pondering, wondering, wandering and more. It gets tinned-sardine-like busy on weekends, but weak days can still be enjoyable – despite the few locals who cannot help but insist on their coastal-walk run right through the crowds during the busiest hours of the day… a piece of controversial art in hot-pants and Lululemon shirts in themselves? What is art after-all… but something in the eye of the beholder.


What stunned me more in this year’s walk is how people seem to be fascinated most by natural phenomena which, with more observant eyes thanks to the exhibition, they all of a sudden notice. For instance, a random massive bolder amidst average sized rocks or the stunning carvings in the sandstone cliffs formed by wind and waves over more years than we can fathom… The line between Mother Nature’s and other artists’ work was thin and led to quite a few conversations along the way.

The other issue I noticed was a welcome environmental focus: One piece in particular featured a net full of rubbish found in the ocean hanging over a huge cliff. I observed a few mothers explaining their toddlers how beautiful it was… Really? How beautiful – all that waste that humans throw in the ocean? If I could name this piece, I’d call it ‘Wall of Shame’…

sculptures by thes sea 20.JPG
Wall of Shame – Sculpture made of rubbish discarded into the oceans;(

Hope you enjoy the quickly snipped iPhone impressions from on the go with bubba in pouch. If you are in the area, it’s a must! And why not get in touch and we go together? As once is definitely not enough for me to take in the huge shibam of human creativity, absurdity and beauty all in one place.

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