Let’s un-pollute!

Ok, where to start? I’ve got half an hour breather from my wonderful three little angels as daddy took them to the park. I’ve done a two hour yoga practice already this morning and taught a class. Getting back into a regular practice and fitness and me-time routine is definitely something I’ve been enjoying about land-life. But that’s not where I wanted to land. It’s bigger. In a nutshell, it’s climate change. Pollution on all levels – environmental, social, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Strolling for my last walk to the beautiful Sculptures by the Sea the other day, I couldn’t help scratch my head several times at the ignorance around us. The signs that the world is changing at a greater pace than we ever could have imagined are omnipresent. Let’s start with that sign on Bondi Beach’s kids pool which used to indicate the estimated water-level of the ocean by 2040. What sign you are asking? Well got the point. It was there when we left Sydney for our epic sailing trip only three years ago – and now it’s mostly under water and we are not even in 2020 yet.

And then there’s the diggers which have been busy relocating sand from the top back into the ocean shore-end of the beach after a massive king-tide swept up tons of sand all the way onto the promenade. People standing, watching, saying ‘What a great job the diggers are doing!’ Don’t you get that this is not a solution? This is the last, pathetic effort at the tale end of a massive global issue which requires us coming together as a human race if we wanna face any possibility of a blissful future! Oh, and not to mention  the thousands of dollars worth of sculptures which got swept away as Tamarama saw the biggest tide ever eliminating its entire beach.

It’s complicate, tricky and definitely overwhelming and I’m not pretending I know the solution. But what seems clear to me that as long as humans continue to carry as much anger, hatred, aggression, xenophobia etc. as they do – from ultra-spiritual Bondi wanna-be-yogis, over Trump and the like, to extremists and fundamentalists around the globe – there won’t be peace and harmony on the outside either.

We only have one planet [and] if we do not act together, we will surely perish.

Leonardo Di Caprio


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