FREE Chakra Cleanse & Merry Season!

Just some brief season greetings with a little gift wrapped up as a short but sweet Chakra Meditation to listen for FREE as many times as your energy lines need clearing and balancing. It’s that yogi thing about changing the mind, and therewith changing your world and – in turns – changing our world, the beautiful planet we are privileged to live on this day in age. Science is slowly catching up to what the ancients and experience have been telling us for a long time.

Anyway, not taking more of your time in these most likely hectic days (Shouldn’t they be slow, thoughtful, jolly days???)  as I rejoice in the peaceful tranquillity of xmas & co that comes with the choice of living far away from any extended cultural and family obligations. I’m putting together a yogi pamper pack for my next yoga newsletters including a sweet & calm Yoga Nidra and Ayurvedic Daily Living Tips to keep you happy and healthy throughout the jolly season and beyond. If you want it for free and sent with love, make sure you’ve signed up. Be jolly. Be come. Or simply – BE!

Kids Australian Summer

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