Real Bodies… real dodgy?

Not easy. Dropping into winter. Feeling stuck. Ayurveda’s Kapha – your water, earth element – at work. A free spirit in a conventional life. Sometimes all that remains is to breathe. To breathe – to live? To breathe – to survive! Huge difference between these two.

A great way to get out of stuckness, is grabbing my three and exploring, journeying, adventuring, even if it’s just the local backyards. As such we went to see the ‘Real Bodies’ exhibit yesterday. Contrary to what many might have thought, my 6, 5 and 2 year old had no problem seeing bodies from the inside out. They approached all exhibits with a healthy sense of curiosity. I found it very interesting. What shook us all though were the bunch of Chinese protesters in front of the Moore Park Entertainment Quarters with posters saying, ‘Murdered bodies are exhibited here.”

When I asked the staff inside where the bodies come from, the answer was China. Where from China? They buy them of a company which gets them from prison… Dodgy!?! I had assumed there’d be 20 bodies who out of free will had been donated, but am starting to wonder. Hoping to support science, we might have ended up supporting some very dodgy business. Not cool;(

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