Chakra Flow 1: Roots

When your chakra’s are balanced, life flows so much more easily. In a yoga class, I can often see knots in people’s energy system only by the way a body is carried. After all, your physical body is the most tangible, and for most of us the most accessible realm of our being. And the beauty is that just by working with the body, we can balance, heal and evolve on all other levels as well; emotional, mental, spiritual.

Example. Have you felt into yourself today yet? Where’s your body at today? How is your body feeling? Your breath? Respiration? Muscles? Joints? Organs? Circulation? Has your digestion been a bit sluggish as of lately (seasonably more likely down here in the Southern Hemisphere’s winter these days)? Have you skipped a few toilet rendez-vous? Have things been hard to let go? Have you been feeling ungrounded? Greedy? Fearful or nervous? Have your feet been sore? Your knees clicking? Maybe your Roots need some attention. It is here that your pelvic floor is strong and supportive, your finances in order, you feel energetically secure and emotionally able to feel at home, within yourself, no matter what.


Make this your Mooladahra Day. Your root chakra is nourished when you rest up, have a cosy moment, spend time cleaning or decorating your home, turn on that grounding incent and that favourite chilled out background music of your’s while you cuddle up with a guitar, a book or your loved one(s) on the sofa. Mix this up with a barefoot nature walk (in OZ we pretend it’s never cold and some of us walk barefoot all year around, never mind the 6C we’ve been getting some of these mornings!). Feel at home within and without.

IF out of balance, it is hard to stick by things. Your fight and flight might constantly be turned on and no matter where you are, you never feel truly safe. Especially in winter, it can also turn the other way and make you lethargic and unable to get up in the morning, to put it brief.

Chakra Vinyasa Flow Workshop with Dini Martinez at Happy Hot Yoga_July 2018

WANT TO find out more, including how your yoga practice can help balance your root chakra (and all the others)? Join us on Saturday 7th July for our Chakra Vinyasa Flow Workshop at Happy Hot Yoga in WoyWoy.

TOMORROW MONDAY: Swadishtana Chakra… our sweet spot!

Stay tuned. Love & Light, x Dini

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