Chakra Flow 5: Vishuddha

Communicative Thursday: Do you ever struggle to communicate clearly what you think and feel? Suffer sore throats? Thyroid issues? Or find learning languages really hard? All these areas can benefit with a healthy Vishuddha Chakra. The energy vortex around your throat area is associated with the colour blue. It is the connection between the heart and the mind and – I don’t know about you – but whenever the two don’t align, my neck always starts feeling out of wack.
Things you can do with the rest of this Thursday to bring balance in this area include:
  • – Always speaking your truth, even if it might be hard or uncomfortable!
  • Sing, chant or hum your favourite song out loud.
  • Meditate on the blue sky or the ocean.
  • In your yoga practice, come back to your camel, bridge, shoulder stand (only if you have been shown how to do this powerful pose safely!) and plough pose.
Also note, without strong roots and a connection to balanced lower chakras, none of these higher centres will be able to evolve properly. That’s what happens when people take hallucinogens, get addicted to substances or even just over breathe and over tighten in yoga. All those examples leave you in a temporary high. But without a strong base to catch you, the fall afterwards is deep. It’s like building a house without strong foundations. Who would do that? Chakra Vinyasa Flow Workshop with Dini Martinez at Happy Hot Yoga_July 2018Chakra Vinyasa Flow Workshop with Dini Martinez at Happy Hot Yoga_July 2018WANNA FIND OUT MORE about your energetic household? Join us Saturday 7th July, 2.30pm for a 2 hour Chakra Vinyasa Flow.
Open-heartedly I say, ‘Namaste’ – Soul Greetings, Dini Martinez
TOMORROW: Ajna Chakra – the intuitive gateway to your Soul

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