Chakra Flow 6: Intuition

Ajna Chakra – your inner power, intuitive wisdom and clairvoyance. This is where yoga starts getting real interesting. Ways and beyond the 10 percent of our brains we tend to use on the average day, your Third Eye is the gateway to the remaining 90 percent! The old yoga scriptures talk about vibutis, superpowers which modern society tends to reserve for magicians, tarot readers, reiki healers and the like. Let’s shift and start with the simple and obvious: Nothing is impossible.

The Power that lies somewhere between your eye brows and your pituitary gland cannot be learnt, nor read, nor acquired through books. It’s what’s been passed on through an unconscious level (that really always is conscious) from the moment we started forming out of stardust. It is the gateway to your soul and in the Chakra system the place where we start to space out, find complete dharana (deep concentration) and dhyana (awareness of existence). In less esoteric terms, it’s what we often refer to as gut feeling.

A few ideas to help you balance your Ajna Chakra today:

  • Childs pose and inversions in your yoga practice.
  • Meditation
  • Inviting indigo into your life.
  • Wearing gem’s of lapislazuli, azurite or amethyst

Chakra Vinyasa Flow Workshop with Dini Martinez at Happy Hot Yoga_July 2018TO FIND OUT MORE, join us for a very special Chakra Vinyasa Flow Saturday 7th July, 2.30-4.30pm in WoyWoy. The session will include a deep meditation and chakra cleanse to leave you blissed out, yet grounded and balanced within yourself.

TOMORROW: The seventh Chakra, Sahasrara – your Crown connection to the Heavens

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