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Connect with your Dreams

Life in the city goes on. Although Sydney’s pace is tranquil compared to London, Tokyo, Honk Kong and New York, it’s still easy to get caught up in endless to-dos and – out here in my beloved Bondi – supposed ultra-spiritual musts, like daily instagramable moments close to falling of a cliff; yoga-marketing; engaging in the ultimate diet trend… you name it. I’ve kicked it all – back to basics for me these days, back to my own practise, back to old-style meditating. It might seem boring, but man, it keeps me grounded in this fast-moving world.
Today I had my first 6am flying yoga class since Indi was born with my personal very favourite teacher and, in my opinion, best kept secret in Sydney, followed by my first coffee in months – was flying for the rest of the day. Total vata-aggravation, not sustainable, but fab for a day. Needed to balance it out with a glass of red just then as we grabbed pizza for improvised Friday dinner. In a nutshell, all good here.
Every morning I still get up in disbelieve how ridiculously easy land-life in a Western country is. It feels like waking up in Disney Land every day… wonder when even Disney Land is going to get boring (and I know it will, but I’m not there yet!). Until then, namaste, be grateful for what you have. And dream. Dream big – because what more is there to do?!?
We like doing it.
We like talking about it.
We like inspiring you to also live your dreams.
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Come join our transformational yoga retreat in Bali, 15-22 April’17.
Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
Dreams are too real to just dream them.

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Namaste. Blessings. Love – always. 


Sydney Yoga Classes with Dini

Currently it’s a very reduced schedule as the arrival of our third child is expected for early May’16. Thus, it has been time to walk the talk and slow down for the once-in-a-life-time life-events…

Yoga takes you into the present moment – the only place where life really exists!

I am available for private yoga classes and Ayurvedic Consults most evenings and weekends, as well as Mondays and Tuesdays during the day. Email me for appointments. A regular 60′ consult and 90′ private class are each 120 A$.

Yoga group classes

Yin Yoga, Saturdays 4h30 – 6 pm, Prana Space, Rose Bay

Pre-natal Yoga, Sundays, 8h30 – 9h30 am, Yogamama, Clovelly

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SPECIAL! Hampshire, UK, Yoga Classes with Dini: 16&21st Nov’15

Sometimes you have to hit the bottom to re-bounce again. This teaches us to practice, Santosha, contentment – one of Yoga’s basic principle. Once you have found the equanimity in and the beauty of tears, there’s not much which can shake your world and the next ride up takes you further and beyond the highest mountain top which you had ever thought possible.
For me, this has meant taking a decision over the past few weeks to sell our beloved boat and floating home and head back home to Sydney for a while. Of course, this wasn’t going to happen without saying goodbye to the UK which, together with Malta, had both provided fabulous wintering homes during our years of family sailing in the Med. Let’s see if you can match our spontaneity and make it to one or both double yoga classes next week.
Monday, 16 Nov’15, 7-9 pm, Badger Farm Community Centre, Winchester
Two hours of the well proven mix of a strong Vinyasa Flow, with a focus this time on strengthening our immune system, followed by a meditative and relaxing Yin Yoga session – with my current specialty of surrendering to and staying open and loving towards, even unexpected events and sensations.
PRICE: 15£ one class, 25£ both classes.
LOCATION:Badger Farm Community Centre, Badger Farm Rd, Winchester, SO22 4QB
Saturday, 21 Nov’15, 10 am-Noon, Hilt Community Centre, Chandler’s Ford
The first hour of Vinyasa Flow will be more gentle and open to anyone. We will revisit alignment of common and not-so-common poses and explore how Bandhas, inner energy locks, can boost our practice and energy levels in general. The second hour will include cleansing Pranayam (breath control), longer meditations (guided and in silence) and a soothing and deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra. Bring a blanket and/or cushion to make sitting more comfortable and assure you stay warm.
PRICE: 15£ one class, 25£ both classes.
LOCATION: Hiltingbury Recreation Ground, Hiltingbury Rd, Chandler’s Ford, SO53 5NP.
To secure your spot in any of the classes, please confirm your attendance by leaving a comment to this post or contacting me directly. Thanks.
As usual, I am also available for private yoga classes and Ayurvedic Consultations.
When we least feel connected with ourselves and furthest away from our usual comfort zone, is when we most get to know who we are, what deepest believes drive us, and which ones unnecessarily hinder us. 
Change can be painful, but without it, there is no growth.
Namaste. My soul greets your soul – as usual, with love and gratitude.