Leading with the Heart

In Aboriginal Astrology the dark spaces in the sky are just as important as the stars and the light. For instance, the dark line flowing through the Milky Way represents a river winding it’s way alongside the many campfires (stars) people have lit. This concept strikes me as remarkable in a world where people generally go to great lengths to try and avoid pain, discomfort and even facing their own shadows.

Preparing for my Yoga backbend workshops this weekend, I can’t help but wonder how different the world would be if we all truly led our lives with our hearts. Instead of defensive, aggressive and sarcastic, we would be insightful, enthusiastic and kind. Self-doubt and criticism could be replaced with forgiveness, learning and growth. And rather than ignoring the dark sides of life, we could open-heartedly gaze into their depth and see the beauty even in sadness. Through that we could probably all see a way beyond our fears and the dark wouldn’t seem so dark anymore.

Could we start a global trial, commencing our days with a minimum of five good backbends? Because seriously, those physical postures do have such immense energetic effects – particularly in backbends, inversions and balances – it’s hard to deny the facts. Try it out and let us know how you went!

Namaste – Soul Greetings, Dini

PS And if you are around, come and join me for two heated hours at Happy Hot Yoga in Woywoy this Saturday 2.30-4.30 pm or for the non-heated workshop this Sunday, 9th September 11am-1pm at the Yoga Collective in Terrigal.

Open your Heart Workshop.jpg


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