Away from it all


Whilst sailing weekends are somewhat bitter sweet for an ocean-sailor-soul like mine as one always ends up coming back Sunday night, they are also what keeps me sane most times these days. The moment I step on my boat, there is no effort in stepping away from it all. My boat becomes my yoga mat and presence in the moment, mindfulness, moving meditation comes naturally. At sea, there is no other way. On land, there seems to be a million ways around this. Like now, close to midnights, when I should be asleep for my 6am yoga class… instead the PC list seems to grow and the only time available is when the kids are asleep.

One of the things I miss most from our years as live-aboards is those time-less moments when the whole family just sat in the cockpit. We might sing. We might chat. We might eat. We might discuss the weather… but then there were also plentiful moments when we just were… Such never seems to happen on land.

One day again…  #loveforthesea #sailoratheartDSC_0150

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