Classic wooden visit

One of the best things about sailing is the friends you make. The fact that you chose adversity despite all odd, that you take the more difficult path (especially with kids) rather than just staying land-bound and relax gives you a big baseline in common already. And then there is that comradely out there on the water. You just help each other in a way that probably olden day villages used to do.

When a boat unexpectedly invites you over to raft up and instead of staying a night you end up staying three days and start making wedding plans for your children – then you can be pretty sure you’ve got friends for life. As such, the crew from SY Mish came down to visit us in Broken Bay, but this time not on their Moody, but their beautiful classic wooden  ‘Toby’ on their trailer.

Needless to say we had an amazing day to which the pictures give a tiny insight. Counting the days to be back on my boat now – it’s been too long. Time to breathe more deeply! Fair winds, Namaste;) 

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