January on the Water

January flew by like a breeze. So much fun on the water with only very short intervals off the boat. Friends visiting. Kids getting super confident swimmers and jumpers-off-the-boat, plus starting to snorkel. Bush hikes. New bays, undiscovered beaches, creative play on the boat. Plenty of boat maintenance and improvements. Actually finishing a couple of books! Introducing some of our fellow eco village families to sailing for the very first time. Sea air-planes almost landing on our toes. Drum circles. Moon ceremonies. Hilarious moments with our favourite sailor friends. Beach jamming. Plenty of wild life (yes, did I say sting ray bite? jelly fish, baby hammerhead sharks, puffer fish, stinger fish, lace monitors – massive iguanas, wallabies… to name but a few). Not until well into February did I start to feel that I had to readjust to life on land – and to be honest, I’m not sure if I have readjusted yet. So off we are, on a roadtrip till early March. Stay tuned for more pics and probably some fun stories.

Be wild. Chuck routine. Stay alive! 

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