First impressions of India

Dini Martinez

The 24 hours in Singapore came and went like a dream: A luscious spa and roof-top bath in the dim moonlight flickering through the misty air; a lazy morning after a great night’s sleep in the coziest white, fluffy hotel bed; a stroll through the miniature streets around Arab Street as the sweet little shops open up one by one – framed by architectural skyscraper-wonderland; delicious Myanmarian lunch with local friends; a scoot through town; a wonder at the voluptuous Gardens by the Bay… and then it was time to board again. Destination Thirandrum.

The warmest midnight welcome at Palm Beach Yoga Centre send me off into another dreamful slumber where dream and reality merge still long after waking. Waking up early I take in the ocean breeze from my balcony, huge palm trees framing the bay where in the distance local fishing boats are bobbing in the India Ocean…

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