At peace at sea

The past months have been busy with exponential more personal growth, shamanic journeying and spreading the practice of yoga and tantra in all it’s depth and beauty up and down Australia’s beautiful east coast. As often, this comes at the expense of spending time out on our boat tuckering along Broken Bay’s pristine national parks and sparkling bays where spring has now fully awakened, here in the Southern Hemisphere. Finally on the boat again, I feel at peace. Integration of the past months dark and light moments falls into pieces like a maestro playing Tetris.

The toxicity and hypocrisy at the eco village which we will no longer tolerate, the heart felt decision to move back home as Pachamama has been calling me through deep past life regressions, the assertiveness that life’s signs underline when one is back on the right path… and all that, so clear with the salty sweet taste of sea air in my lungs.

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This year has been an amazing shaker and shift maker bringing grant transformation and growth. 2020 has only got to add on to that, looking at the stars. And gosh, we are ready. Leading our kids through creativity and adaptability, away from convention to what aligns with a more sustainable future, we stand there, trembling and shaking, yet embracing the change in all it’s scariness and all it’s glory. Until it fully hits, we still enjoy each weekend out in the peace of Broken Bay’s divine waters.

Peace from the Sea, Dini

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