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We are all one, but different

Last weekend we received our official Welcome Ceremony at the Narara Eco Village, an hour north of Sydney. A long time has passed since I have written regularly, partially due to more time spend turning inwards, partially due to lots of yoga teaching, retreats and workshops which – together with the homeschooling of my three, a sailing boat to loath and love, freelance writing commitment and, yes, believe it or not, time to meditate and dance – left my blogging tank empty.

Maitland Bay Dini Martinez Yoga

Right now, however, I’m feeling a new wave of sharing enthusiasm as the sangha, my community, whether in yoga, at the Village, amongst fellow sailors and far out into this world with you, is after all something that gives me energy and joy. As such, let me share the beautiful poem we were welcomed with at Narara as we walked through the welcoming spiral. I hope it makes your heart beat faster, just like it did with mine.

Namaste, soul greetings – Dini.

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By mind…

Cita se cita kā damana kara,
cita se citta sudhāra.
Citta svaccha kara citta se,
khola mukti ke dvāra.

By mind control your mind,
by mind transform your mind,
by mind cleanse your mind,
and open the door to liberation.

–S.N. Goenka

What if we all could choose peace?


Patrea King’s memoir, Up Until Now, quote Dr Jerry Jampolsky

I can always perceive anger in myself or in others as a call for help, rather than as an attack.

She asks: Can we look past frayed tempers and harsh words rather than hurling back a defence that serves only to escalate the upset?  [Can we] choose peace rather than conflict, peace rather than being right, peace rather than a cure, peace rather than hanging on to what has become second nature to us?

She suggests that ‘the peace that passes all understanding is attainable for each of us’.

When I don’t choose peace, remind me of this dear friends.

Busting the Bubble

It’s not about pretty pictures in the sparkling Sea today. I have been speaking more to a friend lately who has been saving refugees in the Mediterranean for the past few years. She goes out on NGO funded boats. They wait 12 nm off the coast of Libya from where they can help whichever boats make it to them. The totally overfilled boats include many young babies, pregnant women and unaccompanied children ten years up.

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Then there’s me sitting on the other side of the world, surrounded by so much affluence that people get depressed not knowing what to do with all that stuff in their multi-million dollar flats in Bondi and surroundings. What has happened to this world? How could we get to such a state of injustice and unbalance? Why are so many still focusing on separation rather than union? At the end of it we are all one and the same energy, come from the same place, live on the same Earth and are headed for the same direction: A very uncertain future.

Gazing beyond the boundary of my pretty Bondi bubble, it really gets to me how as a human race can we allow for so much suffering still to happen – much of it self-induced by us humans ourselves. Why are there helpless refugees still having to die so cruelly the way these two survivors (of 500 on their boat who drowned) retell in the below TED talk?

It feels overwhelming. I keep spreading the word of yoga on, but more importantly off the mat as I strongly believe it is part of the solution towards a more peaceful and just planet. I’ll also get on to at least one or two of Melissa Flemings (communications for UN Refugee Commission) 8 suggested practical ways to do something: Read More