From Gozo back to Malta

A week back into Malta, it is interesting, once again, to observe how everything in life depends on perspective. When we first arrived here well over a month ago, it seemed like one of the most laid-back islands. Typical Med style, really. Creativity was bustling, business happening, but you’d never see anyone stressed out about anything. A healthy pace of life, one could say. And everyone who gets back from a city break in London’s always so relieved about being able to breathe deeply again here. There’s time for that kind of stuff. Yet, coming from neighbouring Gozo, it feels like high-life’s on the go!


  1. What an amazing snapshot into a yoga retreat in Gozo! I can’t imagine a more beautiful location to spend time doing yoga, eating good foods and making new friends. Do you do long weekend yoga retreats by any chance? And will you have anything coming up in the New Year!?

    • Hope so too Behan, that’ll be very special! And we know that if one really wants something, you make it happen;) Look forward to reading your book! xx

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