2015 Mediterranean Cruising Season

This is a work in process, so here’s just the beginning, from our quick trip to the UK, to leaving Malta in a non-stop five day sail to Kithara in Greece, followed by two amazing weeks of Meltemi sailing through the Cyclades and Dodacanese and our new Mediterranean favourite: Turkey. Enjoy the pics and leave a comment as we always love to connect with people beyond just a one-way-street;)

Dalyan River_98 SultanPalaceHote_86 Noah&Dini_88 Our Captain_89 IMG_7066 Hammoc_87 Turkey 1_68 Turkey 1_58 Turkey 1_53 NoahWithAussieFlag IMG_20150404_175656 Dodacanese Simi_50 Dodacanese Simi_49 SantorinAstipala_20 SantorinAstipala_11 SantorinAstipala_13 SantorinAstipala_12 SantorinAstipala_15 SantorinAstipala_17 SantorinAstipala_18 SantorinAstipala_19 SantorinAstipala_10 SantorinAstipala_7 SantorinAstipala_6 Dodacanese_47 Dodacanese_43 Dodacanese_41 Dodacanese_40 strawberry cake_219 strawberry cake_218 Dodacanese_38 shipwreck_810 Kythira 1_801 Kythira 1_799 Greece Pilot_794 Gael Sunnies_783 Brothers at Sea_787 Gael Sunnies_784 Sleepy Boys_797 Sleepy Boys_796 Big Tuna_795 Dolphins_781 Dolphins_778 Sunset at sea_775 AcroYogaSicily_753 H is for Happiness (29) 2015-06-02_15-02-34_175

Valetta Sunset_476 Gorgeous Bros_461 H is for Happiness (51) Ay Nikolao_403 Ay Nikolao_402 Ay Nik Markets_399 Heraklion_459 Compass-91-cover-200 Vegtrn Cooking_416 Homemade Pizza_407 Turkey Excursion_340 Knossos_430 Fethyie Ruins_379 Knossos_428 Spinalonga_453 Spinalonga_451 Spinalonga_448 Spinalonga_447 Spinalonga_446 Spinalonga Bay_327 Turkey Excursion_338 Tlos Ruins_369 Chrigu HD Visit_330 Chrigu HD Visit_329 H is for Happiness (17) Sushi at Sea_326 Dalyan Markets_150 Dalyan Markets_146 Dalyan Markets_144 RAGGED BAY_245 RAGGED BAY_238 RAGGED BAY_231 RAGGED BAY_224 AntiFoul 1st Lay_282 DalyanRiver Cafe_182 DalyanRiver Cafe_175 Caunos Ruins_156 Caunos Ruins_154 Caunos Ruins_160 Fethiye Markets_276 Fethiye Markets_262 Noah turns 4_256 RAGGED BAY_250 RAGGED BAY_236 RAGGED BAY_218 Pabs'35th BDay_121 Dalyan River_112

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