Passagenotes Malta to Greece: Day 5 (Arriving in Greece)

Land in Sight_798I can’t remember last time I was woken up so quickly to go from 0 to 100 kmh. One of the boys was sick down below. It was 5am and I was only in my third non-consecutive hour of sleep that night. As soon as the biggest part of the mess was tidied, Pablo jumps off leaving me to attend the sails, helm and navigation as his fishing rod is going crazy. Then the sun rises in its usual bright red, orange and pink glory into which we are heading right into to. Number two wakes up too all sleepy in need of a big cuddle. Next thing I know my, the aft-deck’s full of blood as Pablo’s got his hands stuck in six kilos of tuna – a beautiful creature which I’m sad to see you. Not long before the mess was cleaned up and the boys through their brekky, land was insight.

Sleepy Boys_796 Sleepy Boys_797

Noah’s smile was massive and, whilst we all had really been enjoying the passage, everyone started getting itchy. It’s that funny thing when land is insight – you just want to be there. It seems human and on a sailing boat with its own preciously slow speed, insight means it can still take close to a day until your anchor is finally hooked and you stroll up the most picturesque Greek promenade to stretch your feet and check out the local tavern. We had seen beauty before, but Asmora in Kythira, where we had landed, was ridiculously cute. Flowers guarding the little cobblestone footpaths leading up to the village square over-looking the small inlet where Happy Dancer was long-lined and little bays went off to shape natural tiny beaches and swinging platforms amongst the rocks and caves. We all slept well, happy and soundly that night.

Greece Pilot_794

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