Thoughts on Birth and Motherhood

“Motherhood is not something that a woman gives to just her child; it is a capacity that opens within her to serve the whole world.”

Every single birth I attend is a miracle and a privilege and seeing how motherhood then takes us all on a joyful yet challenging journey of growth and discovery leaves me speechless almost daily. According to yoga philosophy birth alone is equivalent to seven years of meditation!

In Western society motherhood is all too often seen as a break from ‘real life’, whereas in others it is seen as a step up in mental and spiritual maturity and societal hierarchy. If we allow it to be more of the latter, and less of the former, the potential for love, joy and growth are boundless.



If one allows birth and motherhood to be transforming in the journey of life, it opens up endless possibilities, boundless opportunities… So many mothers give their career a face-lift after having had a child, whether that is just focusing on and specializing in the things they really like, starting their own business or taking a 180 degree turn and enrolling in a completely new career. Be honest with yourself, look deep into your soul and then follow your journey full- heartedly. It can be scary at times, but I find it even scarier getting stuck in a life forced upon by societal norms that nibbles away on your joy and happiness over the days, years and decades.

“Being a parent might be the best shot you get in this life at making this world a better place. Don’t waste it!”

… and challenging

Sometimes, motherhood can also be a very challenging and lonely experience. If you have gone or are going through such a patch, I cannot over-emphasize the importance of reaching out to your community. Whether this is catching up with friends and/or other mums on a regular basis to exchange how you are feeling (really feeling – not the ‘everything’s perfect-kind-of big city conversation!), knowing that it’s ok to ride the valleys as well as the mountain tops (one doesn’t exist without the other!), sticking to a mother’s circle or even calling up your doula for a chai. Us women are social beings. According to some studies we need to get rid of at least 3,000 words/day (for guys it’s only 300… explains!?!). Often simply talking about issues puts them into perspective and helps us gain back our peace of mind. Not to mention, of course, deep yogic breathing, a swim in the ocean, a nice yoga practice and/or a good old piece of yummy chocolate brownie;). An hour off to your favourite massage place or some little Ayurvedic adjustments to your life can also do wonders in upping your well-being.

For me, really living the moment and letting go are only two of the major things my sons have taught me in their still short lives. For you?

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