Porto Heli, first brief stop

Week III_295 Week III_298

Porto Heli, a protected bay and wanna be version of fashionable Antibes can only fake a bit of glamour at night. Not much charm during the day. I did my share of staring at big superyachts when I worked on them many many years ago. Been there, done that, fulfilled my quota. This small town in the Eastern Argolic merely saw us two days. Then we didn’t need disco music till 5 am anymore. Mind you, I can imagine that outside of high season this could be a lovely place. The natural setting of the tuckedaway bay is stunning, anchorage great and sunsets and sunrises amazing as always.
We restocked groceries as we waited for a mechanic to check out a minor hiccups with Friedhelm, our engine. Turned out the anti-coolant hadn’t been closed properly, so hopefully this will solve the over-heating issue. We also had time to get some missing tools (Volt-meter, hoorey, we found you!), give Happy Dancer a thorough clean (bright and shiny) and bring Clarita, our Schenker water-maker, into action (very exciting). When the winds will pick up a bit more later today, we are off to Ermioni, another picturesque little town, Greek style tucked away between stunning and well-protected bays. So spoiled!

Porto Heli_276

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